Backend Developer - SDE II

Bengaluru, Karnataka   |   Full time

Technical Overview:

You will be expected to develop and maintain large-scale complex backend web applications.

You will be expected to rapidly learn and apply relevant new technologies.

You will be having a high level of interaction with business and product stakeholders.

You will be working on the entire web application stack, which includes:


Web server hosting

RESTful communication

Message brokering

Backend application layer, which includes the service and domain layers

Data layer for persistence or caching

You will be participating in an agile software development cycle, which includes:



Code Review

Unit and Integration Testing


You will be exposed to the following technologies:

Web application frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Java Play, Vert.x, AIOHTTP, AWS Lambda

Languages: Ruby, Java, Kotlin, Javascript, Python

Data stores: PostgreSQL, Aerospike, Redis, Amazon Redshift

Communication: HTTP, Amazon SQS, Sidekiq, Amazon SNS

Server Management: Amazon ECS, Docker

Product Overview

You will be contributing to products concerning both customers and partner drivers.

Product sectors include:

Growth: You’ll build tools to help boost user growth on the platform including our industry best driver on-boarding, training and certification system, referral system, and lead management models.

Lifecycle Management: Build tools to help users engage with the platform better, which includes rewards and recognition module, subscription service, account management tools, partner and customer wallets and payout modules, and churn detection systems among others.

Transaction Experience: You’ll help deliver the most delightful booking experience to our customers and drivers. As part of this team, you’ll be responsible for our core booking system, pricing and payment systems, location tracking and filtering services, fraud prevention systems, and in-app ticketing and support among others.

Fulfilment: As part of the fulfilment team, you’ll work on systems which ensure high degree of ride fulfilment on the platform. Tools including allocation methodologies and system, dynamic pricing, dynamic partner routing, and partner re-activation tools among others.

Enterprise Solutions: You’ll help Porter’s enterprise customers achieve delivery excellence. You’ll build tools for contract management, fleet management, fleet and route optimisation tools, alerting and monitoring tools, and analytics suite among others.

Company Overview

At Porter, we are passionate about improving productivity. We want to help businesses, large and small, optimize their last-mile operations and empower them to unleash the growth of their core functions. Last mile delivery logistics is one of the biggest and fastest growing sectors of the economy with a market cap upwards of 50 billion USD and a growth rate exceeding 30% CAGR. Porter is the fastest growing leader in this sector with operations in 8 major cities, a fleet size exceeding 40k driver partners and a customer base nearing a million. Our industry-best technology platform has raised over 25 million USD from investors including Sequoia Capital, Kae Capital and Mahindra Partners.

We are addressing a massive problem and going after a huge market. We’re trying to create a household name in transportation and our ambition is to disrupt all facets of last mile logistics including warehousing and LTL transportation. Our team has built products at Amazon, Apple, RocketFuel, WalmartLabs, and ETH Zurich among others. At Porter, we’re here to do the best work of our lives. If you want to do the same and love the challenges and opportunities of a fast paced work environment, then we believe Porter is the right place for you.

Qualification Prerequisites

Colleges : All NITs, IIITs and IITs, BITS, PEC, VIT, PESIT, DTU and Indraprastha University

CGPA : >= 7.5

Experience : 2.5 to 3 years

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