SDET II - Android

Bengaluru, Karnataka   |   Full time

Porter has multiple Android apps used by our consumers - apps used by our customers to place on-demand orders and apps used by our drivers to service those orders, to apps used by fleet owners to manage their vehicles on our platform. Each of these apps are iterated over very rapidly, continuously adding new features and polishing existing ones to make them more convenient and useful for our users. In such a fast paced environment, you as an SDET Android, will be expected to ensure the quality of these apps - ensuring they remain bug free, behave as expected by our Product team and meet our performance expectations.

Roles & Responsibilities:

●      Participate in the product life cycle to understand directly from the Product Team the expected behavior of the apps and the use cases being implemented.

●      Put yourself in the shoes of the user to imagine how they may interact with the apps - in both ways expected and novel - and come up with an exhaustive list of cases which need to be tested.

●      Participate in the design discussion to give feedback about the testability of the design.

●      Participate in iteration planning to give effort estimates involved with testing tasks.

●      Codify the product expectations as a test suite which can be automated to run reliably and guarantee correctness of the apps.

●      Maintain bug reports which are clearly communicated with the concerned teams.

●      Ensure the apps are performant - no memory leaks, no frame drops, battery usage, etc.

●      Sign off apps for release after running all tests under various simulated environments of device hardware, Android OSes, network condition, localizations, etc

●      Work with developers to investigate customer problems referred by the Customer Care.

●      Explore and evaluate new technologies, tools and SDKs as may be necessary to improve the entire testing automation pipeline.

Products & Systems Overview

You will be contributing to products concerning both customers and partner drivers.

●      Customer App: 

○      All orders serviced by Porter are placed from this app making it our primary business driver.

○      To keep the code for this large complex app maintainable, there is a heavy emphasis on good design and architecture. Currently the RIBs framework is used to break the code recursively into smaller components.

○      To ensure feature parity and consistency across our Android and iOS platforms, we use Kotlin Multiplatform to re-use business logic code across the two platforms.

●      Partner App:

○      All orders serviced by Porter are fulfilled by drivers using this app.

○      Given that the app is expected to run for long hours on cheaper phones there is a heavy emphasis on keeping the apps performant - optimizing battery consumption and memory usage.

○      The app serves as a medium for onboarding - providing functionality for partners to upload and verify their documents using Image Processing.

○      To train the drivers for every new feature launched, we provide a guided audio-visual training session- using visual cues like hint to click / swipe with synchronized pre-configured audio to guide him through the sequence of steps. 

●      Fleet Owner Apps:

○      A multi-platform app for fleet owners to manage their drivers and track their performance and earnings on our platform.

○      Allow them to bid for new client contracts.  

Company Overview

At Porter, we are passionate about improving productivity. We want to help businesses, large and small, optimize their last-mile operations and empower them to unleash the growth of their core functions. Last mile delivery logistics is one of the biggest and fastest growing sectors of the economy with a market cap upwards of 50 billion USD and a growth rate exceeding 30% CAGR. Porter is the fastest growing leader in this sector with operations in 8 major cities, a fleet size exceeding 40k driver partners and a customer base nearing a million. Our industry-best technology platform has raised over 25 million USD from investors including Sequoia Capital, Kae Capital and Mahindra Partners.


We are addressing a massive problem and going after a huge market. We’re trying to create a household name in transportation and our ambition is to disrupt all facets of last mile logistics including warehousing and LTL transportation. Our team has built products at Amazon, Apple, RocketFuel, WalmartLabs, and ETH Zurich among others. At Porter, we’re here to do the best work of our lives. If you want to do the same and love the challenges and opportunities of a fast paced work environment, then we believe Porter is the right place for you. 



Qualification Prerequisites

●      Colleges : All NITs, IIITs and IITs, BITS, PEC, VIT, PESIT, DTU and Indraprastha University

●      CGPA: >= 7.0

●      Experience: >= 2 years

●      Proficiency with Android framework, Java and / or Kotlin

●      Expertise with popular testing frameworks like robo-electric, Espresso, UI Automator, mocking libraries, etc

●      Experience in designing, writing and maintaining large test suites.

●      Experience in app-testing services / infrastructure like AWS Device Farm, Firebase Test Lab etc.

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